Modcube 2.0 is coming soon to Kickstarter!

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ModCube 2.0 is being created by 3DG, who launched the original ModCube in 2015 with great success!

Here are some reviews from the backers of our original campaign:

Thomas W Bassett

Received my shipment today – they are BEAUTIFUL! The design work that went into these was hard to imagine – they are very nicely designed/constructed. Kudos to you.

Tim Zelle

Just want to share, I received the cubes today (the Netherlands) and I’m very pleased with the quality and the design. Now that I actually have them, I think I want more for the rest of the games I play often. Good work 3DG!

Audio Weasel

Just wanted to say that from this side of the screen, this campaign is like a textbook on how to run a kickstarter. Plenty of communication, keeping us all in the loop, things that might affect timeline you let us know. Fantastic. 10/10, would pledge again.

Gustavo Archila II

I wish that all Kickstarter campaigns were run with the same gusto and professionalism with which you ran this one! If you ever run another campaign, count me in!

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